Tim Skirvin (tskirvin) wrote,
Tim Skirvin

Retiring from Usenet Moderation

According to my CV, I currently moderate four newsgroups:

  1. humanities.philosophy.objectivism (since 1995)
  2. comp.std.announce (since 2006)
  3. rec.arts.comics.reviews (since 2005)
  4. news.admin.moderation (since 2007) (technical moderation only)

All of these groups depend on my main home system, vulture.killfile.org, to operate properly. And, as I think I've already mentioned here, that host went down while I was in Europe. Posts were lost and everything.

Upon reflection, I think I'm okay with that, especially in light of my shift to using flea.killfile.org for my mail for a while...

I think the time has probably come to step down from moderating these groups. I'll give it a little while, I suppose, but unless somebody convinces me otherwise, I'll probably shut all of the bots down at the end of the month.

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